A Conversation With: Peter Ballantine CEO, OnPoint

The Ballantine Family has owned and operated several businesses throughout PA for more than 20 years. Despite being different kinds of businesses, all of them have shared common ground, Dedication to our customers, our employees, and our community.

OnPoint was formed to fill a gap in the quality of commercial service available to the food service industry. As the owner of several restaurants throughout Central Pennsylvania, Peter Ballantine recognized a lack of service quality when he needed repairs and maintenance in his facilities. Utilizing his experience in acquiring and improving businesses, he approached the owners of his most skilled service vendors and soon became the owner of what is now OnPoint Commercial Services.

While OnPoint continued to service commercial customers, Peter was able to successfully sell his restaurant business and dedicate his time to growing his service business. This soon led to an opportunity to acquire a growing mechanical contracting business (Houtman Construction) that serviced residential builders and limited commercial general contractors.

The combination of these companies and the additional residential service has become OnPoint: Commercial and Residential, a business dedicated to offering the best full spectrum of mechanical service and construction available.

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